an ode to a pup

Dear dog,

You are a maniac more often than not. You like to bark incessantly for reasons we cannot see, hear, or know. You still pee and poop on the rug in the master bedroom. You refuse to go the bathroom outside when you need to and demand to go outside when you don’t need to. You steal things and shred them. You are persistent for chicken, apples, and carrots. You have thousands of toys but always want the one out of your reach. And your tears stink.

But this is a love letter.

the little goober who brings me joy

the little goober who brings me joy

You have taught me the importance of patience with others and with myself. You remind me that we all make mistakes and that accidents happen. You encourage me not to sweat the small stuff. You demonstrate love and exuberance for every single person you meet without judgment. You’re still a kid at heart. Well, you’re technically still a puppy so you’re still a kid in general but you get the point.

You bring me on walks and I find peace in the dog park you adore. You remind me how important playtime is. You’re willing to try everything. (By the way, please stop eating the flowers on my squash plant and licking the lotion on my legs. The squash plant is dying and the lotion is not safe.)

You let me hug you all the time and you give me kisses when I’m crying. You’re always excited to see me even when I don’t feel lovable. You clean out my nose when it’s running. I still find it gross but oddly helpful. You keep me warm, as tiny as you may be. You make me laugh by the ridiculous noises you make when you’re playing and ruffing in your sleep. You warn me when you hear something that doesn’t sound right, even if it’s Ray moving around plastic bags. You preferentially love your nana. I know how lovable she is, so I don’t blame you, but I also think you realize she’s dying and needs your love.

You are making me a better person. You’re such a good girl. So thank you. Even if your tears stink.


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