a little more

I like meaning. I look for it in every little thing. I long for it. So a good quote at the right time, a second chance, another day… these things all resonate to the core for me.

The title of this page is from Peter and the Starcatcher, a play I was lucky enough to see while sitting between the two people on this planet that mean the most to me: my mom and my husband. You see, I was obsessed with Peter Pan when I was little. I used to leap off the coffee table when Peter flew. I wanted to have wings. I loved being a kid. I hadn’t been hurt yet.

Anyway, I got older. I got wiser. I took a fondness to Buddhism, but hated the concept that life could require suffering. But I get it. Now I do.

It’s not about suffering. But it takes some degree of sadness to appreciate happiness. It takes suffering to see beauty. It took losing my grandpa to start seeing birds when I needed company. It took seeing my mom get sick to realize the really important stuff in life.

I’ll talk about her a lot. I apologize for and promise you that. She is all the good things combined in this world. She means everything.

So that’s a little background. I hope my writing entertains or inspires or soothes you. I hope it finds you well. Even if it helps only one soul, you know it meant something.


1 thought on “a little more

  1. Mike Folloni


    That was about as beautiful a tribute and message as I’ve ever read in my life. This coming from you, her daughter, is a tremendous testament to the wonder, grace and spirit of Peggy. I’m sure that in her limited transition state she can feel the comfort of the vibes that surely engulfed you as you crafted the above inspired piece.

    Mike Folloni



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